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Dragino LDDS12 ToF (Time of Flight) LiDAR Sensor

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The Dragino LDDS12 is a LoRaWAN remote sensing sensor, designed for outdoor use. It measures the distance between the sensor and a flat object. The sensor uses ToF (Time of Flight) LiDAR technology with LED for distance measurement from 0.1 m to 12 m. The measured values are uploaded wirelessly to the LoRaWAN IoT server.

The LDDS12 is powered by an 8500 mAh Li-SOCI2 battery and is designed for extended use (up to 5 years).

Each LDDS12 is preloaded with a set of unique keys for LoRaWAN. If you register these OTAA keys with the local LoRaWAN server (e.g. TTN), it will connect automatically after powering on.