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Dragino LMDS200 Radardistance-sensor.

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The Dragino LMDS200 is a LoRaWAN radar range sensor. This sensor uses radar signals in the 24 GHz band to detect the distance between different objects. The operation is comparable to ultrasonic or Lidar measurement method, only microwave radar is more reliable because condensation and dust in the surroundings have no influence. Even if there is a thick layer of dust or moisture on the sensor, it can still measure the correct distance.

The LMDS200 can be used for applications such as horizontal distance measurement, parking management systems, object proximity and presence detection, intelligent management of e.g. garbage cans, obstacle detection for robots, automatic control, etc.

The LMDS200 can measure two distances: the closest object and the next object behind the nearest object. If the distances become too small or too large, it sends the measured distances at short intervals via a LoRaWAN uplink to a server. When these alarms are sent, can be user configured.