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Milesight AM107

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Indoor Climate Sensor | LoRaWAN | Display | CO2 | Light | Movement | Temperature | Humidity | Air Pressure | NFC Configuration | USB Type-C | 1 Year Battery | Surface Mounting

The Milesight AM107 is a compact indoor environmental monitoring sensor for measuring temperature, humidity, light, CO2 concentration, TVOC, air pressure and movement.

This data is displayed in real time on the E-ink screen, allowing quantification of indoor environment and comfort.

The Milesight AM107 is widely used for offices, shops, classrooms, hospitals, etc.

In addition to screen display, sensor data is also sent using LoRaWAN so that the data can be sent to a dashboard, database or application. With this low power technology, the AM107 can run for a year with 2 AA batteries.